2010+ Lotus Evora Turbo Kit 400-900HP

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V2 Turbo Kit for the Lotus Evora, custom sized and spec'd to your needs. Building on the success of the original design, every component has been reviewed and upgraded with the highest quality components; including the latest turbo, electronics and hardware technology. Increasing performance, simplify installation and adding user-customizable features. The new kit is a true PNP solution. The low boost setting of 7PSI produces 400RWHP and weighs LESS THAN THE STOCK MUFFLER(44lbs)! 

One of the unique features of this kit is the non-invasive installation. No tapping of wires, drilling oil pans, or modifying any stock components is required. The kit Replaces the OEM Cat-Back Muffler and does not require any modification to the OEM Diffuser. The wiring harness is ready to plug in, and also modular in design allowing, the use of any after-market engine management system, piggy-back, stock ECU or a combination of both. Another unique feature is the ability to quickly switch between the stock ECU and aftermarket engine management, this can be done in under 1 minute without removing any components.

The kit is highly customized to suit each application's need from street-car to race-car. Please call to discuss the options before checking out. Below is the main list of components, all hardware for installation will be provided depending on the package desired.

  • Comp Turbo, CT3B 2.0 Oil-less,Triplex Ceramic Turbocharger turbo with Stainless Tial V-band Exhaust Inlet (400-900HP)
  • PTE 1000HP A2W Intercooler
  • A2W Heat Exchanger With Pump and Hose
  • Wastegate and Blow Off Valve
  • Fully TIG welded Stainless Exhaust and Aluminum Intercooler Piping
  • Modular Wiring Harness(Plug-And-Play)
  • Injectors, Rated for E85 400HP-1000HP(Plug-And-Play)
  • Upgraded Fuel Pump
  • Engine Mangement Upgrade, with PNP Harness)
  • Wideband Sensor, Boost Controller, IAT Sensor
  • 3" Intake Pipe and Air Filter
  • Exhaust Mounting Hardware
  • A2W Hoses and Hardware
  • Braided -6AN Turbo Coolant Lines
  • Catch-Can with Gates Hose

Optional Upgrades

  • Stainless Braided -AN Hose and Fittings for Wastegate/Blow-Off
  • Black Nylon Braided Hose and Fittings for Catch Can
  • -10AN Braided Nylon or Silicone Heat Exchanger Lines and Fittings 
  • Radium Engineering Evora Catch Can Kit
  • Upgrade from Single to Dual Heat Exchangers
  • Additional Intercooler Coolant Tank
  •  High-Flow Water Pump for Dual Exchangers
  • Motorsports Harness Upgrade Raychem, DTM, Tefzel
  • 2.5"-3"" Exhaust customized to your preference
  • Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter (1% flow loss, 50 state legal) (800HP capable)
  • Optional ceramic and powder coating color options
  • DEI Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap, DEI Heat Sleeve for AN Lines
  • Flex Fuel System, Upgrade for E85, Ethanol Content PercentageStock O2 Sensor Extension Harness for Aftermarket headers(Cat Delete)
  • Launch Control, Boost Control, Flex Fuel, Sport Modes, On-The-Fly MAP/Boost Switching, Traction Control, No-Lift Shifting, Timing/Knock/AFR fail-safes and much more
  • Customizable Digital Gauges, Easily Display on Phone, Tablet, In-Dash Radio or aftermarket Digital-Dash
  • Wireless Transmitter For Digital Dash
  • Additonal Failsafe Sensors for Real-time Monitoring
    • Oil Pressure Sensor
    • Oil Temperature Sensor
    • Flex Fuel Sensor
    • Fuel Pressure Sensor
    • EGT Sensor X2
    • IAT Post/Pre Intercooler
    • Intercooler Water Temperature
    • Secondary Engine Temperature
    • Individual Bank Wideband Sensors